Friday, September 25, 2009

Mobile Installation Notes

Here's how I installed the Yaesu FT857D and ATAS120 system.

* I cut the 30-A fuse holders from the supplied FT857D power cable and soldered to a length of 10-gauge red/black power cord.
* New power cord installed at vehicle battery.
* Ran power cord from battery, through frame, then up through access hole at left reaer of cab.
* Terminated power cord with factory connector.

* Removed plastic liner from access area underneath rear seat.
* Bolted factory radio bracket to steel panel underneath rear seat.
* Drilled 3/4" hole in bed for antenna cable.
* Ran RG-8 coax from radio area under seat, down through access hole, up through bed.
* Installed PL-259 connectors on both ends of cable.
* Threaded similar RG-8 coax from existing UHF/VHF antenna installed on truckbox into radio area.
* Ran remote mic, remote control, and audo cables from center console, along left floorboard, to rear radio area.
* Connected remote mic and control cables to radio. Connected PL-259s for HF and VHF/UHF to radio. Connected audio line to radio.
* Custom-cut plastic liner to wrap around installed radio.

* Drilled hole in front center console for remote control cable.
* Installed radio head on removable plastic plate in front center console.
* Plugged microphone into remote mic cable exiting from front console.

* Modified aluminum L-bracket mount to accept SO-238 double barrel connector.
* Mounted L-bracket on left rear of aluminum truck box.
* Removed plastic side rails from pickup bed.
* Installed copper ground straps to steel bed walls.
* Connected ground straps to truck box (via mounts).
* Reinstalled side rails and box.
* Installed ATAS-120A on mount.

* Installed ground strap from tailpipe (via stainless steel hose clamp) to frame.
* Installed ground straps from front of side bed walls to frame.
* Installed ground straps from rear of side bed walls to bumper (connected to frame).
* Installed ground straps from rear of cab floor to frame.
* Installed ground straps from front of cab floor to frame.
* Installed ground straps from hood hinge connection to body.

* Added RF chokes (2 of 10 turns on snap-on square ferrite ring) to audio lead in console.
* Connected audio lead to MP3 input of car stereo in center console.

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